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These durable electrical labels that are essential for safely identifying arc flash hazards on circuits and equipment. These are glossy and look great! We decided these are way too expensive and made them for our own use.  You benefit by us passing our savings on to you!  Made of weatherproof vinyl, each label is UV and water resistant to withstand demanding indoor and outdoor conditions. The self-adhesive backing allows for easy application directly onto switchgear, breaker boxes and more. Featuring the standard NFPA 70 color-coding of orange, yellow and black on a high visibility white background, these labels make electrical components easy to distinguish at a glance. Measuring 2.25" x 4.25", they are the perfect size for clearly marking electrical panels and wiring. Their adhesive backing and weatherproof construction ensure they will stay put year-round. Help maintain workplace and home electrical safety with these top-quality identification labels.  Priced per unit, buy 1 or more, standard quantity is 25, or $25.00 per case.


SKU: MAI1338


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