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Our MAI006 Cable Stacker comes in a resealable bag of 25 stackers standard for only $11.25!  or buy 1, your choice!.  These are made to accommodate up to 6 non metallic sheath cables, or Romex.  They can also accommodate RG6, RG59, Cat6, Cat5e, and other low voltage cables as well.  Designed with the National Electric Code in mind, these stackers have a small lip to guarantee proper placement on the stud and insure the 1 1/4" from the face.  They securely hold the cables in place requiring no additional steps or support.  These are modeled after the 3M SI-1, only better since we have the knowledge of what works best, we have incorporated these lessons into the MAI006 Cable Stacker.  We also made them a bright red so that they are visible and easy to identify.

Cable Stacker, similar to 3M SI-1



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